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Tri-Luma is a unique triple-combination topical therapy for the short-term (8 week) treatment of the dark spots associated with moderate-to-severe facial melasma.

  1. Fluocinolone acetonide 0.01% is a mild corticosteroid that reduces inflammation.
  2. Hydroquinone 4% is a depigmenting agent that interrupts the formation and synthesis of melanin to help lighten the skin.
  3. Tretinoin 0.05% works by increasing the skin cell turnover rate, which helps exfoliate the skin.

Tri-Luma Cream should always be used in conjunction with sun-avoidance measures, like using sunscreens and wearing protective clothing. Tri-Luma may improve the appearance of melasma but is not a cure.

Only your doctor, dermatologist, or other licensed health care professional can determine if Tri-Luma Cream is a good treatment option for you.

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